Payroll and Social Security

At 3a Accountants, we provide a full range of payroll, Social Security Contributions and compliance services for individuals and self employed.

Our firm undertakes all the necessary tasks to ensure timely compliance with the legal requirements. We assist our client in applying for P.E. number, applying for Employment licenses and filling in The Employment and Training Corporation forms. Our staff will then take care of delivering all documents to the relative departments.

3a provides a computerised service of weekly, fortnightly or monthly payslips, as per the client’s necessities, payroll reports and completion of tax documents.

One could benefit from our delivery service to the tax department for the monthly payment of the tax documents.  We also provide online electronic submission of the annual FSS returns.

Self employed individuals will benefit from 3a’s range of Social Security Contributions services.  Our staff calculate the weekly national contribution rates to be paid whilst providing reminder services in order to avoid penalties being incurred for overlooked deadlines.



We assess and understand your situation free of charge and then propose a fixed price agreement. Unlike time-billing, which leaves you with a big unknown, a fixed price agreement will lend more clarity to our relationship with you.

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About 3a Accountants

We are a dynamic firm of Accountants in Malta that assists our clients improve their success by providing them with accurate, timely and effective advice.

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